We see it almost every time we turn on the news, the crisis in Syria is only getting worse and almost 50% of the Syrian population is homeless.

Large areas of Syria are under control of the Islamic State and as a result nearly 8 million Syrians are internally displaced. This is in addition to another 4 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Over 12 million people, the equivalent to everyone in Minnesota and Wisconsin, have been displaced.

Have you been asking how you can help?

Arrive Ministries is this month’s Ministry Spotlight.

In partnership with the local church and volunteers, Arrive Ministries helps uprooted people find community, new opportunities, purpose and belonging in Minnesota.  They provide compassion and gospel-centered support to those God is bringing into our country and communities. In the next year, they will welcome and resettle almost 450 refugees. 

Arrive Ministries has a vision for refugees and immigrants to be transformed economically, socially and spiritually through authentic friendships, support and encouragement. Some refugees come from Christian backgrounds, know Jesus and want to be connected with a church community. Other have never understood the truth of who He is, while still others have never heard of Jesus at all.

“We get to share our lives and Jesus in the process.”

Needs and Pray Requests
No matter the location, you can all pray for the worldwide refugee crisis.

 •  Arrive Ministries needs another dozen or more church teams to help welcome refugees.

 •  Household items are needed to furnish apartments for every arriving family.

 •  Pray for available affordable housing for refugees coming to the Twin Cities.

 •  Pray for several dozen families who have been separated for many years and are waiting for spouses or children to come from refugee camps.

 •  Pray for the more volunteer tutors for the Somali Adult Literacy Training (SALT) program in 17 locations in Minnesota.

Get Involved

“We always welcome financial donations to support the work… but volunteers are our greatest need and best resource.  Weekly we have over 200 volunteers helping refugee families.”

You can:

•  Provide Refugee Family Welcome Kits
•  Tutoring refugee children.
•  Provide transportation.
•  Be an employment mentor for refugees.

Get involved by organizing a Refugee Life Ministry at your church! 

Get Connected

Visit Arrive Ministries website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

What is Ministry Spotlight?
Every month, we take a moment to shine the spotlight on a ministry that is serving our communities and sharing the Gospel. Think of it as a virtual high five. These ministries are going above and beyond to serve our communities, share the Gospel and spread love. This is our way of saying thanks and offering a hand of help and prayer.