On the show this week, Dr. Bill Maier talks to Bill Farrel, who heads up the ministry Love-Wise with his wife, Pam. He discusses what he and his wife did at the beginning of their relationship. He also looks at some ways to help young couples figure out ways to get advice in the realm of their new relationships. He encourages young couples to pursue relationships with older couples to help grow.

Farrel discusses his most recent book,  . He wrote the book for his sons, to help guide them through life. The book starts with a section on “don’ts”, that men are commonly called to not do in current culture. Farrel looks at how passionate men are, and how it can be a huge help if focused correctly, but can also be a horribly damaging thing if unfocused.

Highlight: Passion and Porsches

Farrel talks about how he has these different parts of himself, that all have slightly different ways of acting that cause some small about of cognitive dissonance. He also talks about how men think about how they relate to God, and how they tend to assume that there’s a list of things required to please God and get to a better place. He encourages men to actively talk with God, allowing God to interact with them while they do something active.

Farrel discusses whether men should create plans actively while also waiting on God to guide us. He encourages us not to be afraid of making plans, since God can always guide us in those times.

Dr. Bill Maier also discusses the problem of sibling rivalries. He looks at how to discourage fighting and other problems when your sons begin to show aggressive behaviors, as well as encouraging dedicating time and attention one-on-one with all of their children.

How to be a man