Leaving the land of “Er”

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Thoughts on Bruce Jenner

Dr. Bill shared his thoughts on the latest ‘news’ in the saga of beloved athlete-turned-transsexual icon Bruce Jenner.

After Bruce posed provocatively for the cover of a popular magazine and expressed his desire for society to address him as “Caitlyn”, the world of social media and media in general erupted in support.

Bill shared his thoughts on the issue of transgenderism, and what it means for the future of the church in the United States.

New car seats could save lives

College students at Rice University have invented a new system for car seats that could save toddlers’ (and younger) lives. From Rice University’s website:

Audrey Clayton, Rachel Wang, Jason Fang, Ralph LaFrance and Ge You, who graduated from Rice May 16, spent the past year working at Rice’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen to develop Infant SOS, a car seat accessory to protect infants left in potentially lethal hot cars. The device is fitted into standard car seats and can issue auditory, visual and text alerts when it senses that the infant is in danger. It also features a passive cooling system designed to keep an infant’s core temperature below a critical point (heat stroke begins at 104 degrees Fahrenheit) until emergency responders arrive.

Dr. Bill shared the news, and you can learn more about this story by clicking here.

Leaving the land of “Er”

They’re happier. She’s thinner. He’s wealthier.

It seems as if we’re always comparing ourselves to others — it’s part of our culture. But is it really wrong to compare like this?

Author Kay Wills Wyma says the answer is a resounding “yes”, and she’s written an entire new book on the subject, titled  .

Wyma says we first need to understand the impact we’re actually having on ourselves when we start to compare:

Culture of comparison

You can learn more about Kay Wills Wyma by clicking here, and check out her latest writing for USA Today by clicking here.

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