“Christianity that is not practiced today, often becomes Christianity that is absent tomorrow. When someone starts to not practice their faith, it results in slowed deprivation and over time it is no longer a part of their life””

We’ve all heard the discussions about new college freshman abandoning their faith when they get on campus, but are there ways to prevent this trend from occurring?

Alex Chediak, author of Thriving at College, shares how important it is for students to actively guard their faith in college.

“Maintaining that faith part of your life when you’re at college is crucially important and is something we should talk about before the children leave to college that way they are already thinking about it. They already realize that there is going to be temptations and distractions.  There is going to be a million things to do.

It is essential for students to have a plan for they are going to grow in faith when in college.

“It is not just finding a church but it is finding Christian friends on campus.”

With busy class schedules and homework deadlines, students tend to find excuses for not attending church on the weekend. Alex explains how this may have a long-term effect on a student’s spiritual life, especially while developing the habit of going to church after graduation.

“The concern is that it becomes a habit that is hard to break when they get out of college; because it is hard to find a church when you go to college, it’s also hard to find a church when you graduate college.”

Being fully prepared for college can be a challenge intrinsically, but being prepared as a Christian also takes time and dedication. Students will better recognize the distractions and potential harm to their faith if they are willing to prepare themselves with a spiritual plan in advance.

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Keeping your faith at college