“Put the oxygen mask for yourselves before assisting others. We get that in the airplane but forget about it in real life.”

Parents, we know we’re called to be leaders of our children, to steward both their physical and emotional well being. But what happens when you spend too much time focusing on them, and little to no time taking care of your own physical, mental, or emotional health?

Arlene Pellicane is an accomplished author on marriage and family issues and her book,  specifically addresses the ways mothers can be happier and healthier.

She says to begin understanding how to become happy as a mom, you have to understand what makes you unhappy or emotionally taxed. Often times, according to Pellicane, what makes us unhappy is just a total lack of self-care.

This plays out in not getting enough exercise, sleep or not eating right. A lack of physical care can have great impacts on your emotional health.

“And then our marriage health goes down, our spiritual health with God goes down. Just our soul care, of maybe you need five minutes of sheer quite each day to just cry out to God and listen to God. Maybe that would revolutionize your soul.”

We have to actively look for ways to be healthy parents.

“If I’m healthier it will benefit our kids.”

You don’t have to abandon your responsibilities to your kids or even the amount of love and care you give them; instead, you have to actively look for ways to be healthier in everything you do.

“Don’t feel guilty about the things that you do to protect your physical health.”

She also encourages moms who are struggling with stress about the way their kids behave or act to do one thing:

“If we pray, as moms, we can really solve a lot of problems before they even occur, because God is sending His angels and He’s sending his Holy Spirit, and He’s working.”

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