A massive earthquake rocked Haiti in January of 2010, causing unimaginable devastation to this country already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. On this latest edition of Connecting Faith, we hear an update on Haiti from a ministry that was there before the earthquake and is still making a difference today.

Jeff Gacek is co-founder of Healing Haiti, and he tells of the transformation taking place in Haiti through committed believers willing to live out Micah 6:8.

But first we welcome World Vision’s President, Rich Stearns and his wife Renee. They tell their remarkable story of following God’s call from a place of comfort and success to the ministry. And then they share about their devotional book . Here’s where that conversation takes us:

The Stearns’ paint the picture of their journey. They were essentially living the American dream when God called them to ministry. But, as Renae tells it, God can’t pour his riches into hands that are already full.

As we look out across a world with so many in so much need, how can we believe that we can make a difference?

Most importantly, we can pray. We can also be an instrument of God’s love by providing clean water and other basics to people living in need internationally. Rich and Renae help us get started.

Then, in the second half of the show, we sit down with Jeff Gacek of Healing Haiti.

What is the state of the Haitian people five years after the earthquake? Jeff says they are remarkably resilient, and that they haven’t been simply waiting for assistance. They’ve been acting to make their nation a better place. And yet there is still so much need.

“The poorest country in the world is only 90 minutes by place from the richest country in the world.”

So what can we do? Jeff shares a strategy to help meet physical and spiritual needs in Haiti.

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