While we as individuals can’t have a tremendous impact on our national economy and fiscal policies, they impact our personal economies in a significant way. We talk with financial analyst and advisor Ken Frenke about managing our resources from a biblical perspective. From inflation to investments, Ken helps us form a long view toward good stewardship. We tackle your financial questions as we gain perspective on money and investments on this latest Connecting Faith.

Ken tackles a question from our listening friend Nancy. She asks how to begin the process of investing in her twelve year old daughter’s college fund.

Then Diane asks how she can find a person in her area to offer wisdom and advice on she and her husbands’ financial portfolio. She says she wants to be certain that she’s honoring God in this important area of her life. Ken does recommend seeking assistance from someone who’s trained to look at the big picture.

An important thing to consider when putting together an investment portfolio is your timeline. A young person beginning to save for retirement has a long time to invest, while those saving for a college fund have a shorter, fixed time in which to operate. Ken explains how that difference can impact your decision making.

Ken says that there are Biblical principles which apply to our financial life, and he lays out some core guidance. We also look to specific references including Ecclesiastes 11. He also offers this hopeful word: it is never too late to honor God with your finances. He meets us where we are.

We hear of some helpful organizations Ken recommends for assistance in this area. These include Kingdom Advisors and the Advisory Firm Financial Planners.

Highlight: Core principles

Honoring God’s economy