Noted apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel has written a new book in his ‘Case For’  series, but this time he’s focusing on the case for faith based on the evidence of transformed lives. Jo welcomes Lee to share his story and A Case for Grace.

Then in our show’s second half we hear Gary Thomas’s encouragement for singles seeking after marriage through his book . It’s a powerful discussion about God’s grace and love – on this latest edition of Connecting Faith. Here’s where that conversation takes us:

In our programs first half, Lee Strobel says that the message of grace stands on its own.

We talk about fatherhood and the vital importance of how we view the concept in relationship to what we believe about God. Lee notes that he and his dad didn’t have a vibrant emotional connection, and he reflects on how that impacted him.

Lee shares polling data that points to younger generations holding a more skeptical view of the father figures in their lives.

So are you a distant or affirming father?

Then we pivot to a discussion of perfect fatherhood in the person of God.

“There’s nothing we can do to make him love us more & nothing we can do to make Him love us less.’ – Lee Strobel

In our second half of this edition of Connecting Faith, Gary Thomas tackles some wisdom for singles on pursuing marriage.

Sometimes we create a false ideal of someone we’re interested in – a person that in reality doesn’t exist. We glorify people if we want to be in a relationship with them. Often, we then find ourselves saying something akin to – “Well he’s / she’s not who I thought he was….” In an effort to avoid this common pitfall, Gary says we really need to listen to our loved ones, asking them what they think of the individual in whom we’re interested. Then we need to be willing to actually hear what they say and give it some real thought!

Highlight: An equation

The gift of grace