Defeating the notion of being a “perfect mom”

In a recent Breakpoint commentary, John Stonestreet said there’s one fact about human behavior that doesn’t need any scientific evidence or research to back it up: moms matter.

From birth to well into adulthood, mothers are wired for nurturing and caring. But in addition to those maternal ‘instincts’, moms also put tons of pressure on themselves to be, well, perfect.

You’ve got to get your kids into the best schools, you’ve gotta be the best cook, and (most of all) you can’t make it seem like you’re struggling to do any and all of this.

Author and speaker Jill Savage hopes to defeat the notion that being a “perfect mom” is even possible. She’s written the book , and she joined Dr. Bill Maier Live! to talk about her personal journey from trying to be a perfect mom to being a true, authentic human while still being a nurturing, spiritual influence on her children:

Highlight: true authenticity

You can hear the entire discussion at the top of this post.



Jill Savage is an author and speaker who is passionate about encouraging moms. She is the author of six books including Real Moms…Real Jesus, Professionalizing Motherhood, My Hearts At Home, and Is There Really Sex After Kids? Featured in Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman magazine, and Family Life Today, Jill is the founder and Executive Director of Hearts at Home, an organization designed to encourage, educate, and equip women in the profession of motherhood. Jill and her husband, Mark, have five children and make their home in Normal, Illinois.

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