Do the words ‘radical’ and ‘Islam’ really go together? And how does extremism affect our perception of Muslims in our neighborhoods and communities?

The founder of Crescent Project, Fouad Masri is committed to equipping the church to reach Muslims with the love of Christ, and he joins us to talk about building bridges toward meaningful dialogue on faith with both compassion and boldness.

God is at work revealing Himself to followers of Islam, and we can be a part of it! Here’s where our conversation leads:

Fouad paints the picture of today’s Muslim World. The Middle East is undergoing its first major reformatting of borders since the end of the First World War. What impact does the political situation have on the opportunity to reach followers of Islam for Jesus?

We’ve heard so much of the concept of Jihad. What does the term mean? What is its history? We hear that it’s an ancient term intertwined with the very roots of the Islamic faith.

Some of the central differences between Christianity and Islam lie in our approach to rules. While in the gospel we tend to highlight the principles over the rules themselves, Fouad says that Islam is different. In the Islamic faith there is a very rigid devotion to a set of rules. The biggest question in Islam is, “How can I go to Heaven?”

Meanwhile, most Muslims are – in fact – moderate in our modern understanding of the term.

Does Fouad believe reformation in the Muslim World is a realistic possibility?

We hear some helpful advice on reaching out to Islamic neighbors and friends. One on one efforts are particularly important, as is sensitivity to relationships. Fouad recommends sharing with the head of the household if possible. We need to show that our faith is a faith “of God”.

Highlight: The fear factor

Connecting with Muslims