More and more children are growing up in broken marriages. Listen as Jackson Dunn of Focus on the Family joins us to talk about how God redeems and uses families that are broken by divorce.

Jackson’s own family walked through divorce, infidelity and drug use until God changed their hearts.

“I don’t know if I fully realized what was going on. When we talk about the grace of God covering us, I didn’t get angry. I just got frustrated about logistics. I don’t remember struggling with identity. I’ll tell you where I struggled – the innate people-pleaser in me was on overload.” Jackson shares what God has shown him through his story. “God’s grace is sufficient. He doesn’t want this for you – He doesn’t desire divorce.”

Jackson and Susie explore

• How to guard your marriage against adultery.

• How divorce affects the children.

• Choosing to believe and trust God’s redemptive work in our lives.

• Walking through the process of forgiving our parents.

• The “grass is greener” syndrome.

Jackson shares the pain that came from learning of his father’s adultery as a teenager.

“What was true was that he made a very bad decision. What I didn’t realize was that I was carrying that shame when I didn’t need to. I didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to. I didn’t want my friends to know because I knew what they thought of him.”

How did God start to heal this family?

“There were a pastor and a deacon in our church that made it their business. They loved on me and my stepmom. They got in his grill and didn’t give up and said, ‘We will not let you make this decision.’ They pushed through his anger and surrounded him… My dad and stepmom are getting close to 30 years of marriage. These men stepped up; they admonished but they loved.”

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 12:9; Hebrews 3:13

Featured Songs: I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman; Take Another Step by Steven Curtis Chapman; Together by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Identity struggle?

Children of divorce

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