How can Christians engage in faith conversations with Muslims to introduce them to Jesus? Crescent Project founder Fouad Masri returns to Connecting Faith to answer your questions about Islam and how to build bridges to meaningful dialogue on faith—with both compassion and boldness. He shares tips from his book  . We discover God at work revealing Himself to Muslims and how we can be a part of it, on this latest Connecting Faith. Here’s where the conversation takes us:

Fouad says that a faith discussion can have as simple of a beginning as asking questions. How do you know that what you believe is true? What if you’re wrong?

“The best thing you can do is help a Muslim think.”

We need to be prepared to begin a conversation and to end a conversation, Fouad believes. At the end of the day, it’s our job as followers of Jesus to tell our friends and neighbors about the Lord – and that includes followers of Islam.

What about the people that have never heard the gospel? Fouad offers practical advice in that situation.

How vital is prayer in this process of evangelism? Praying for our friends by name is a powerful tool.

A listening friend, Angel, asks about the Muslims at her workplace who leave to pray during their breaks. She wonders what the content of those prayers might be & if it’s significant that they pray at certain times of the day. Fouad explains the ritual of Salat. He also suggests that the topic of prayer itself may be an opportunity to witness to Muslims. We can ask them, “When you prayed, how did you feel?”

Today the number one most likely convert to Islam in America is a white woman, followed by an African American man. How can those statistics equip us to share our faith?

We want to offer the power of the resurrection to Muslims. There’s hope and help to do just that on this latest edition of Connecting Faith.

Highlight: Asking questions

Bridging the gap between Muslims and Christians

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