Why biblical marriage works

Cohabitation is on the rise in the United States. The Pew Forum reports just over 9 percent of millennials cohabitate — up by 4% from Gen Xer’s at a similar life stage.

That’s just the beginning — the same study shows that millennials also place a lot less emphasis on the traditional family. 44% of millennials in the study believe a child doesn’t need both a mom and a dad to grow up happily.

These numbers really shouldn’t surprise anyone. We’ve seen the trend for decades.

But it underscores the fact that a clear, biblical understanding of marriage and family needs to be articulated to this generation, and not only articulated, but sold.

American culture needs to know why the biblical construct of marriage is the best construct for marriage.

That’s part of Glenn Stanton‘s goal in his book .

Stanton is the Director of Focus on the Family’s Family Formation Studies, and he joined Dr. Bill Maier Live! to talk more about the book, cultural attitudes towards marriage, and how to articulate the biblical model of marriage & family.

Stanton also shared his analysis and view of the current, ongoing controversy surrounding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Highlight: Glenn Stanton on RFRA

You can hear the audio of Dr. Bill’s entire conversation with Glenn at the top of this post.



Glenn T. Stanton is the director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs and a research fellow at the Institute of Marriage and Family in Ottawa. He debates and lectures extensively on the issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and parenting at universities and churches around the world. Stanton served the George W. Bush administration for many years as a consultant on increasing fatherhood involvement in the Head Start program.