Married couples are not immune to conflict, but if that conflict isn’t handled properly – it can become destructive.

Noted relationship coach, Faith Radio friend, and author Leslie Vernick joins us to provide hope and practical strategies for those in the midst of a damaging relationship. We learn how to move toward healing and breaking hurtful patterns as we discuss her book . Here are some of the directions we take in our conversation:

We begin with the question that – sadly – so many married people are asking: should I stay or I should I go? And does God care about the answer?

How can we recognize the problem that’s at the center of the conflict in out marriage?

Can we sometimes be too nice and allow our needs and who we are to be run over in marriage?

We explore the cycle of abuse that can develop in relationships, and Leslie notes that God has a great deal to say about caring for the oppressed. She says we have come to a place where we have – in a sense – turned marriage into an idol. We will do absolutely anything to make our marriage work.

Leslie talks about three types of marriages:

• A disappointing marriage

• A biblical marriage

• And a destructive marriage

She explains further that a difficult marriage features numerous external stresses such as financial issues. In a destructive marriage, there is a pattern where one person is regularly dismissed and denied. Leslie expands on how both these relationships miss the mark of what God intends for marriage and how we can respond if we find ourselves in one of these two scenarios.

There are many things Leslie notes that we can do to make real changes in our marriage, but – as she underlines – we can’t change another person. That’s God’s business.

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