Understanding youth culture has been at the heart of Dr. Walt Mueller’s ministry for over 35 years.  Mueller is president of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and a nationally known speaker and writer on the intersection of our youth and the greater culture.

He helps fashion a response to the complex world of children and teens from our distinctively Christian point of view, and offers insights into raising our kids to become healthy, spiritually grounded adults.  We also discuss concepts from his book .

What are the areas of growth & change in today’s youth culture? And how does “the Morris Law” relate to these changes?

Our purpose as human beings is key to the way we approach our youth on the subject of faith.  Dr. Walt says Jesus came not only to save us from our sins, but to save us from ourselves.  Jesus’ Lordship extends to every nook and cranny of our lives. It’s an all or nothing proposition.

God is parenting us while we are parenting our kids. How should this profound truth change the way we pass along our faith to our kids?

When a child is struggling, he or she benefits enormously from others intentionally being involved in their life. Even though you might not feel as though you have especially profound wisdom to offer, the key is being there.

The enemy is at work and attacking those engaged in youth ministry. Dr. Walt issues a call for the Body of Christ to come together in this area and lift up those engaging this important work.

How can we address the increasing role social media is playing among our youth? What do we need to know?

Highlight: New media

Youth culture 101

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