What does God call us to do with our past pain? Listen as Susie talks with counselor and author Dan Allender. We look at how to use the difficult things in our past to grow in our faith and walk more closely with God.

While every person will walk through difficulty, Dan says proceed with caution. “There’s no need to suffer when there are ways to have that suffering abated. On the other hand, we know that adversity tells us the deepest parts of who we are. Suffering introduces you to things about your own heart – your capacity to prevail and your refusal to trust.” When we are forced out of our apathy and comfort through difficulty, our true heart motives and posture are revealed.

Dan and Susie unpack these two amazing truths that coexist within our suffering and sorrow:

• I’m broken because of sin.
• There is no condemnation from God. “Every voice of condemnation, every voice of doubt is not the voice of Jesus.” Dan says when we learn to embrace these truths, we become an example of God’s grace and a safe place for others to share their own brokenness.

Susie and Dan also unpack how to spot and undo the false “declarations” or “vows” in our hearts:

• After a divorce or broken relationship – “I will never love again. I will never let myself be hurt again.”
• After a financial pitfall or hardship – “I will never be without money again.”
• After a painful church division – “I will never trust ‘God’s people’ again.”

We can listen carefully to our own thoughts and speech and measure them against the plumb line of Scripture. By speaking the truths of Scripture over and in the middle of our situation, we can change the way we see and process our own pain and increase our trust in God.

Dan’s book is The Healing Path: How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You to a More Abundant Life.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 84

Theme Song: Healer by Kari Jobe

Highlight : Walking a road to healing

Walking a road to healing

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