CEO’s and business leaders have a unique perspective on life and leadership.  For the follower of Christ, leadership should be viewed through servant eyes.

Gordon College president Michael Lindsay joins us to talk about leadership, power, and service. He shares from his new book View From The Top. We touch on these points and more:

•  The number one key to leadership is mastering your time.
•  In leadership, you won’t always have time to reflect and analyze. There are times you’ll simply need to rely on your instinct to make a decision. Dr. Lindsay highlights this truth in light of the experiences of many US leaders on September 11th, 2001.
•  Whereas the goal of many leaders is accumulating power for its own sake, the Christian leader should strive to be a good steward of the role and resources with which he’s been entrusted.
•  It is essential to practice Sabbath rest. It’s what we were designed to do! The worship and rest of a day set aside redirects our ambition into the big picture of our faith.

Highlight – Instinct

Then, we hear from Bill Hybels about his latest book Simplify: Ten Ways To Unclutter Your Soul and focus on the following:

•  It’s time to simplify our exceedingly busy lives!
•  There’s a difference between simply organizing your work life and studying your whole life.
•  We need to practice “strategic neglect” – letting go of the things that aren’t necessary in our schedule to focus on the things that are important.
•  There comes a time when we need to learn how to use the word “no”!
•  We should craft a “God first” schedule.
•  It’s time to ask yourself the question – do you like the person you’ve become?

View from the top