The Salvation Army began in the 1850’s offering ‘soup, soap, and salvation.’  Today this international ministry has staff in 126 countries and still carries out the mission to preach the gospel and meet human needs wherever they arise for as long as it takes.  We meet the world leader of the Salvation Army, General Andre Cox, and hear an update on the work and ministry of  the ‘boots on the ground’ soldiers in the Salvation Army. General Andre Cox is the 20th general of the storied organization. He shares his background and journey to leadership of the Salvation Army. 

Our conversation with this international humanitarian includes:


General Cox shares that people of faith often bring a unique motivation to charitable endeavors. For the Salvation Army, it’s not sufficient to help people physically. They seek to bring hope to souls as well. The general explains the “pathways of hope” that he views as so key to bring to those in need.

General Cox believes that we’re in a point of history where the pendulum is swinging back as concerns government’s views of faith-based charitable organizations.

Highlight – On government, faith & charity

We go behind the scenes of how the organization determines where needs are in the world & where they can “do the most good”.  General Cox shares how the Salvation Army responds when it finds that its peaople are operating in dangerous circumstances.

“Communities are resilient in times of disaster…we come to stand by their side” – General Cox

A faith based organization seeking to help others finds itself with additional standards for success. For instance, the General says that the Salvation Army strives to apply the highest standards of the world to the work they do, but also to always attempt to maintain biblical standards as well.

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