What can we do to bring revival and a greater awareness of the glory of God into our cities? Listen as Jo talks with three men who are part of a national effort to awaken the church and bring the nation to Christ. First we hear from Kyle Lance Martin, CEO of Time to Revive ministry.

Highlight – Important evangelism principles

Time to revive

“It’s the most fun process of walking with the Lord.. When we get invited to a city, we ask ‘God, is this the right time for us to come to this city?’ “For two years we prayed about coming. Our role as a ministry is to help the local church understand how you effectively reach your community. The church wants to, but they’re not really sure where to start.”

Does it take a special gift? Kyle says no, everyone is called to be an evangelist! “Our role as an evangelist is to help people overcome their fears” of sharing their faith with someone. “The best way to overcome fear is to watch someone else do it.”  Time to Revive takes local people out into the community and shows them what it means to share their faith. “It’s going to take an array of people. True revival to me is the way people embrace Jesus in their own life… Our nation is crying out for revival because the church has stayed silent.”

Two pastors in Minnesota have partnered with Kyle to bring revival to the Twin Cities. Pastor Tim Hatt of Hosanna Church in Lakeville and Pastor Dave Gibson of Grace Church in Eden Prairie have worked with Time to Revive in the past and encourage other churches to get involved and watch God move the heart of a community through this event.

To get involved in prayer, partnership, or evangelism for the July event, visit the Revive Twin Cities website.

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