This year the kids and I have been starting each morning with devotions. First, we read the day’s devotional from Jesus Calling for Kids. We are really enjoying those and talking about the challenges the author gives in how to live a life that lives with an ear attuned to Christ.

Then we turn to the Bible. Last week we finished Exodus. There was a very strategic reason I decided to start there. One, it’s a little more interesting than say Leviticus with all the rules and regulations. Even Numbers can be a bit slow with all the lists of people and counting.

Two — and here’s the big one. Prince of Egypt is a favorite movie with my kids. I have to admit that I really enjoy it, too. But I needed to make sure my kids didn’t assume that was the full and accurate version of the Exodus events.


For example, Moses wasn’t as young as he’s depicted in the movie when he returned to Egypt and Pharoah’s court. Also we don’t really know that the Ramses Moses confronted was his stepbrother. There is nothing in Exodus to make that absolute either way. He could have been…but we don’t know.

Part of my job as a mom is to make sure my kids know the Scripture. They have to be equipped to discern truth from fiction or half-truths. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn from books and videos that don’t agree 100% with your beliefs…you just have to think critically. And when it comes to Scripture that’s a non-negotiable.



Photo: Flickr