This weekend the world thinks about football, but for thousands of men across the country, the emphasis on Saturday will be on tackling the battle for godly, courageous living, and learning what it means to be a man from expert teachers and “coaches.”  Bob Lepine from Family Life Today joins us to talk about STEPPING UP SUPER SATURDAY and what a biblical approach to manhood looks like. 

Culture today calls men to step aside and let women lead. The caricature of a man today is physically strong but passive and unintelligent. How can we work to restore men to their biblical calling?

Bob calls us to pray for the men in our lives, and to encourage their leadership. God wired men to take responsibility for themselves and their households. Many men don’t step up and lead because they are paralyzed by fear of failure. We can start to overcome this by looking at God the Father’s words to His Son, Jesus – “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” When a man understands his role as a kingdom warrior and a son loved by God, he can overcome his fears and anxiety and step into his role as a protector and provider for the vulnerable in this world.

It starts at home. It starts with his own family. It starts with stepping up.

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Highlight – Stepping up

Stepping up