Every Christian college student faces the ultimate test- are they willing to stand up for their faith?  Jo Rathmanner welcomes author and professor J. Budziszewski, sharing helpful advice for students on handling potential ridicule and effectively sharing their beliefs with their peers.

He’s penned multiple books including, How To Stay Christian in College and Ask Me Anything: Proactive Answers for College Students.  We discover how we can better equip our students to proclaim their faith inside and out of the classroom.

Jo starts off with the key question. Are we right to be concerned about real challenges to our kids’ faith as they go off to college?

Highlight – The concern

J. points to some notable challenges and opportunities of this stage of life. On the one hand, many students are discovering Christ in a real way for the first time. On the other, and this is the biggest challenge, young people are losing their biggest network of support when they make the college move. And, for many, that scenario leads them to believe they might be able to make a go of it themselves.

What about the intellectual culture of college that we hear so much about (even in recent films like God’s Not Dead)? J. says that culture, indeed, is no longer Christian as it once was. Instead, it’s true that it’s now decidedly atheist.

In an interesting note about expectations for our faith, Jay says that we often don’t expect in the early years of our belief that we’ll face ups and downs. We anticipate something more consistent and more easily expected.

How to Stay Christian in College

For further reading, Jay has also authored these works…

The Line Through the Heart
What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide
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