Mark Biller from Sound Mind Investing is a regular guest on MoneyWise afternoons here on Faith Radio. Mark joins us to field your calls on investments and financial planning. Whether it’s paying off your mortgage, protecting your 401K, or setting up a savings plan for your student, we get sound biblical principles and advice for being good stewards and wise investors of the resources we have.

Listen as Mark shares his wisdom and tips:

• The importance of learning from past economic cycles.

• Why “fear sells” in the world of finance and business.

• Why most economic pictures indicate a strengthening economy.

• How to invest wisely, according to Scripture.

• Retirement investments.

• The importance of understanding “socially conscious funds”

• How to read a “portfolio perspective” – Mark says look for the summary section; it’s a little box on the page that gives the overall picture of where your finances will go if you choose that investment plan.

• Why the “hands-off” approach is better for your 401K – Mark cautions us against trying to take money out of that account before age 60. Trying to pull money out before age 59.5 results in a fee.

• Management fees – Mark says, ask what your manager is doing for your portfolio. 2.25% is typically a high fee, but if this person is actively involved in managing and moving your money around, 1-1.5% is a common fee.

• What the Bible says about our responsibility to steward our money well and use it to relieve the burdens of others

Highlight – Sound mind investing

Sound mind investing

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