At what point does nurturing become coddling? Some mothers struggle to relate to their sons as they grow and mature. Author and mother Cheri Fuller knows what that’s like.  She says, we can understand a mother’s place and influence in the life of her son, and she joins Jo to unpack the truth about What a Son Needs From His Mom.

Listen as we explore:

How to parent out of faith rather than fear.

The mistakes Cheri made with her own sons.

Why physical activity is key to connecting with your son. Cheri says, join him in a sport that interests him. “Their feelings open up much more when they’re active. Their emotions are like oatmeal – when they get heated up through physical activity, stuff comes out that wouldn’t otherwise.”

The importance of verbal affirmation for your son.

Cheri’s call for mothers to “work ourselves out of a job” – let them choose their clothes, climb trees, and make mistakes.

Why Facebook and other forms of media can get in the way of a mother-son connection.

How to keep a strong relationship with a son in his teen years.

How to nurture your son’s faith and why it’s a daily process. Cheri says, ages 4-14 are “critical, golden years” to teach a son about God and start the practice of praying with him. A mother can model gratitude by praying not just for things, but by thanking God for them, in front of your son.

The ultimate goal is to raise independent men of character. When a mother meets with God in prayer and seeks to share her faith with her son, God will honor her efforts. Cheri says, remember to be faithful and purposeful in your mothering, and trust your children and their futures to God.

Highlight – What a son needs from his mom

What a son needs from his mom

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