Do you think Human Trafficking is a problem only in the big major cities of the United States?  It’s not, it’s here in South Dakota, and other Midwest states, and not just in the cities – it’s in rural America too.

Government, law enforcement and non-profits have been working hard this past year to increase awareness of the growing problem of human trafficking in South Dakota.  This week officials are meeting in Sioux Falls to continue the dialogue of enforcement and prevention.

South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem is taking an active role in working to end human trafficking in South Dakota and around the country.  She explains what Human Trafficking is.

What is Human Trafficking

Congresswoman Noem says arrests were at the Sturgis motorcycle rally this year were down and she credits that to law enforcement sting operations as well as awareness education.  She wants you to be aware of the warning signs for children and teens at risk.

Warning Signs

Noem has introduced some new legislation to help non-profit faith-based organizations receive funding to help these young women get help.


Churches and faith-based organizations have a great ministry opportunity to reach out to teens who are trapped in the human trafficking cycle and help in their healing.


Congresswoman Kristi Noem invites you to educate yourself on this issue and then get involved and be “The Hands and Feet of Jesus” to these men and women who are victims of human trafficking.

Hands and Feet