Proverbs warns us of the dangers of pride, but what does it really mean to be humble?  Speaker and historian John Dickson joins us to discuss the development and impact of humility on the world and on our individual lives. We’ll discover how this virtue can transform us like nothing else, and why Jesus placed such a high premium on humility. Join us for  with John Dickson.

Humility is defined as “holding power loosely for the sake of others.” As some have put it, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

Listen as Neil and John touch on:

• The loss of humility in today’s world

• How to regain a biblical view of servanthood

• What Jesus said about living a humble life

• The important distinction between being humble and being a doormat

• Why humility glorifies God

Seeking Humility

Highlight – Seeking Humility