We want to bring God our efforts and good works – but sometimes all He wants is us! Listen to Susie’s powerful conversation with author and speaker Joanna Weaver. We look at the tendency of men and women to be too busy for the kingdom and take a lesson from Mary, who sat at the feet of Jesus instead.

Joanna shares insights from her well-known book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

“I just look back at my life and I look at that well-meaning 20-year-old who was going to change the world for Jesus. God in His wisdom didn’t reward my striving; He frustrated me and confounded me in many ways. I would ask people how to go about it… I really had been trying to do it apart from Him – I didn’t understand that John 15 is such a picture of the relationship that Jesus wants to have. Our only responsibility is just to stay connected to the vine. Fruit happens. We don’t have to strive! We don’t have to make things happen… How many of us settle for a works-based Christianity, not knowing that there’s a relationship waiting for us?”

Joanna points out that Satan often works to put up barriers between us and God; we need to choose to live out of love rather than fear. Martha knew and loved Jesus but let her tasks get in the way of spending time with Him; busyness is not a sin or a tactic of Satan unless it becomes a way of earning love from God. Joanna says, this can be hard for people, especially women. The balance comes when we start at Jesus’ feet and get our strength and direction from Him. Then we’re able to handle the demands of the day and the challenges that come.

How do you spend time with God and gain your strength from Him?

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:27; Psalm 46:10

Theme Song: The More I Seek You

Highlight : Having a ‘Mary’ heart in a ‘Martha’ world

Having a ‘Mary’ heart in a ‘Martha’ world

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