This Christmas season, we’ve been highlighting the fantastic work of Angel Tree – a ministry of Prison Fellowship.

On this latest edition of Connecting Faith, we meet men and women whose lives have been changed by the ministry. A father in prison who signed up his daughter is now a chaplain. An incarcerated mother saw the love of Jesus through an Angel Tree outreach to her children. And an Angel Tree volunteer remembers what it was like to receive a gift from her parent in prison when she was a child. These remarkable stories of lives that have been touched are the focus on this edition of Connecting Faith. So why should we get involved? What does our faith have to do with an outreach like this?

Mary Johnson, a field director with Angel Tree, explains that Angel Tree shares the heart of this Christmas season – a desire to reach into a life and be present in a tough situation. She takes us inside her work connecting churches with families this Christmas.

Jeffrey Hopper says he didn’t have the right motives at work when he applied for an Angel Tree gift from his prison cell. Yet God used the process in a mighty way. He takes us on his journey to writing a book and serving as a chaplain in Louisiana, and explains how Angel Tree changed his course in life.

Lisa Brown is a former prisoner who now volunteers to deliver Angel Tree gifts in person. She speaks with powerful perspective to the meaning of a gift to the imprisoned individual and the young person who receives it.

And then Michelle Rainey speaks to the impact it had on her as a fifteen year old to receive a gift from her incarcerated mom, and how that experience has made a mark on her to this day.

Highlight: A single connection

The lives impacted by Angel Tree