We’re wired to connect, but our relationships can quickly become idols. How can we balance our tendencies with our connections?

Susie’s good friend Dr. Greg Smalley is back to field your questions on building healthy, God-centered relationships. On this program we explore the importance of balancing work and family. Are they opposing forces? Greg says, not necessarily.

“There’s something about that that has led to a huge myth – the image in my mind is one of someone spinning plates. One plate represents family, the other represents work and one will start wobbling, and you have to put all your time and effort into getting it back. In that scenario, we assume that the call to family and the call to ministry work are separate and distinct.”

Susie and Greg look at:

• Greg’s own experience balancing work and life.
• The concentric circles of work, family, and rest.
• The danger of crisis management.
• How to involve your family in your calling – in Greg’s words,

“I want [my kids] to be at my office, sitting at my desk, working on homework. I know everybody’s work is different. But that’s the integrated feel – instead of looking for balance, it all fits together.”

• Keeping mutual trust between you and your spouse regarding times of rest.
• The ripple effect of our choices.
• How to recognize when rest is needed.
• The importance of asking “What brings me life?”
• What it means to involve your family, including children, in deciding what the work-life complement looks like. Greg recommends seeking the best move for the family. If one family member is feeling neglected or lost, that means the entire family is losing. Put God first, let your spouse and children speak into your schedule, and trust that He has your schedule firmly in hand.

Key Scriptures: Hebrew 13:5; Proverbs 3:5; Matthew 6:33

Featured Songs: Welcome to the New by MercyMe; He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli; He Is With Us by Love & the Outcome

Highlight : The false dichotomy of work and family

Learning to steward the work-life dynamic

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