As a young boy David Nasser escaped Iran with his family during the violent religious revolution in 1979.  Coming to America, he faced his own revolution of religion and identity—eventually becoming a Christian. Since then David has traveled the world as an international evangelist and as a pastor to several noted contemporary Christian recording artists. He shares his story in  .

David reflects through the memories of a young boy who once claimed hatred towards God. It wasn’t until he experienced love and authentic grace in Christians that he understood what it truly meant to be saved.

“Christianity is not religion, it’s a relationship…and it’s grace.”

Religion has undeniably caused damage and tension between groups of people around the world. So where did it go wrong? Genesis 3 and the fall of man could be an explanation, though danger and friction still exists today.

“The most messed up places are the most religious places.”

There were many people placed in David’s path to show him what it really meant to live out the gospel. Nasser’s definition of grace is undeserving love; which often is experienced through a relationship with Christ.

“That was the turning point, being around authentic Christians who simply loved on me.”

God’s grace is sufficient, His love is here and His power is much greater than we could ever ask or imagine. Jumping through the fires is a man’s powerful testimony of redemption and grace.

David Nasser is a gifted speaker, author and minister, who’s greatest passion is to connect people to the living God. David uses relevant methods to communicate the life-changing messages of the gospel to more than 700,000 people annually. David and his family live in Alabama, the home of D. Nasser Outreach.