The Gospel of John provides a full picture of Jesus with much of its content unique among the gospel accounts.  Musician and bible teacher Michael Card has now completed his four-part Biblical Imagination series on the gospels with the book of John and joins Neil to discuss the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the Apostle John.  It’s a fresh glimpse into this beloved gospel as we discuss John: The Gospel Of Wisdom.

When we think of the world of the bible and ponder what was taking place in the lives and hearts of the characters, we need to use an informed imagination. So before we speculate, we should do our homework. Michael helps us get started.

“We’re not speculating with our imaginations, we’re engaging with the text.” –Michael

A full 92% John is unique among the Gospels. The book is known for a unique, “whispering” style. That is, the writer speaks directly to us as the reader. In fact, he does so fully 56 times. Yet the entire tale is the story of one man.

Highlight: Whispering

With the passage of time and the accumulation of experience comes wisdom, and John was the longest-surviving apostle. John’s testimonial accounts are particularly powerful and a key instrument he uses to tell the story of Jesus.

Michael says the main theme of John is misunderstanding. Every time Jesus says something significant, he’s always misunderstood. For instance, in the case of the woman at the well there’s confusion as to what he means when he speaks of “living water”. When John says “Jesus wept”, why did He weep?

In contrast, there are far fewer of Jesus’ miracles detailed in the book of John. Why?

John: The Gospel of Wisdom