Christian ministries are increasingly marginalized and restricted on college and university campuses across the United States. Yet, God is at work in remarkable ways through campus ministries like Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

Inter Varsity’s President Alec Hill joins us to talk about religious freedom, speech codes, outreach strategies on campus, and equipping our kids to stand strong in their faith.  It’s an eye-opening look at the intersection of faith and life on campus with Alec Hill.

Highlight – Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Highlights from the conversation include a chat about the provoking comments made by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg earlier this year regarding faith & freedom on campus.

Then, with the continuing, laser-like focus that universities continue to exhibit toward ‘pluralism’ – do they really mean it? Or is it not – in fact – a form of ‘monism’ that’s the real goal? And what role does ‘synchronism’ play in this whole scenario?

Alec notes that the current generation in our schools has become something of a ‘like’ generation, which can present some real challenges when it comes time to stand boldly up for beliefs that may ruffle feathers.

Why is ‘belonging’ such an important and key factor in life on campus? What role can it play in reaching students for Christ? Alec introduces the phrase ‘belonging before believing’ as a motto for the success of student-led small groups.

He also reflects on his latest piece in Christianity Today, called ‘Inside my slavery’. We glance at a little-discussed New Testament parable and ask – have we been missing some key parts of the gospel? It’s a fascinating discussion about a portion of scripture that Alec admits he didn’t relish tackling, but that in the end yielded profound meaning.