How do we really help people in poverty? And what happens when our “helping” doesn’t help?

Brian Fikkert has a PHD from Yale University in economics, and he’s co-authored a landmark book addressing the questions, and offering answers, for effective relief and development. We discover proven strategies to help the poor help themselves. It’s a journey to —with Brian Fikkert.

What is at the heart of this from a perspective of faith? Why should we care so much about helping the disadvantaged?

What is the church is doing to help today? Are there well-intentioned actions being taken that simply aren’t helping solve the problem?

What do the economic statistics tell us about income inequality today? And why is the answer significant?

What do relationships have to do with solving poverty?

How can we serve the disadvantaged in a way that empowers? And why is that important?

What role do pride, inferiority & shame play in this process? Broken people can, at times, tend to wait for us to fix them. Is that what we need to do?

We highlight the efforts of the Chalmers Center.

At the heart of how we can help is the message of Jesus. When someone embraces faith it impacts every area of their life.

Highlight: The core

Helping vs. enabling