The Gospel is advancing around the globe through many trials, dangers, toils, and snares. Hearing how God is at work and learning about fellow Christians boldly sharing their faith is the focus of our latest conversation.

Veteran mission mobilizer and journalist Tim Keesee shares the stories of joy and sorrow, triumph and suffering through his book . He details the over twenty years he’s invested in spreading the Gospel across the world. 

We hear about front line mission work in the 10:40 region of our world. In that region lie regions badly needing the impact of the Gospel like the Far East, the Middle East and North Africa.

Tim gives us a glimpse of time he’s spent in the remarkable, unflagging Chinese church. He describes the experience of worshiping there with those believers.

We hear about the DVD series, also called Dispatches from the Front, that Tim has produced. It chronicles some dangerous scenarios and bold efforts to reach people.

 “When you’re going into these situations its not about how smart you are…. it’s about walking in the presence of the lord.”

In the face of the continued march of radical Islamic groups against Christian communities in Asia & Africa, Tim offers a unique perspective on the persecution faced by many international believers. He believes that struggle indicates the progress and advance of the Gospel.

Highlight: Persecution & growth

A Mongolian woman had a remarkable insight into the faith, as shared by Tim. She said that anyone who can read the bible is a preacher. We also hear of courage and resilience in the face of poverty and bleak circumstances from Pakistan and elsewhere. Even though it can be difficult to witness these scenes, Tim says he is blessed to have seen them. They have impacted him deeply and altered his perspective.

In the midst of pain, need and injustice, Tim keeps his focus on Christ. In the end, He is the only one who can make a difference. And He is in control!

The Gospel in difficult places

You can learn more about this great work at Front Line Missions website.