Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life?’ Well, that’s the title of author and pastor Johnnie Moore’s newest book, and on this latest episode of Connecting Faith, Johnnie tackles that big question.

We discover that the will of God is more about who we are than what we do, and ask this provoking question: what if finding His plan for your life is easier and more fulfilling than you could ever imagine? Here’s where that discussion takes us:

Some of the most-often asked questions about God’s will center on where we should be and what we should do vocationally. Johnny notes that, when we look to the Bible, we see a good deal less than we might expect on the issue of deciphering God’s will. What does that say to us?

At the heart of God’s will for us is that we be sanctified. When it comes to the path ahead, it’s not about waiting for the supernatural, but moving out and experiencing the supernatural.

“God’s will is about going until God stops you, instead of waiting for God to tell you where to go.”

So why do so many of expect a sort of miraculous intervention to communicate God’s will for our lives? Johnny says we ought to take all that spiritual energy, and put it into praying about what is happening in our lives. If we remain fixed on the future, we can miss God’s will in the present. He points to the Apostle Paul as an example of effectively chasing God’s purpose. Paul didn’t sit in his house and wait for precise directions. He got up, took the Roman roads to where the people of his day were, and he started preaching the good news!

Highlight: Moving forward

Discovering His plan for your life