Africa is a land of great challenge and tremendous opportunity.  In the middle of the continent is a Christian university training and equipping the next generation of Africa’s business, political, and spiritual leaders.  We meet Dr. Timothy Wachira, President of Daystar University, and hear about God at work in Kenya and across the African continent and how we can effectively pray for Africa.

Terrorism is also a significant threat in Kenya, with the recent tragedy at a Nairobi mall coming at the hands of terrorists. The nation also borders Somalia, one of the global hubs of modern piracy & insatiability. So how is the church and nation coping with the threat? The nation of Kenya is also coping with a rising tide of refugees from neighboring nations. The influx presents unique challenges and opportunities.

In the midst of all this, we see the work of Daystar University. How is the institution equipping the young people of the continent to lead it forward? We discuss the ways that Christians in the West can be of service and a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Highlight: How to help

In addition, we get an update on “See You At The Pole” from Jason Kaat with the National Network of Youth Ministries.  “See You at the Pole” is a remarkable prayer effort spearheaded by young people in schools across America. Jason Kaat joins us and we discuss the impact of the event. Jason says that the success of the event and its impact is a testament to the power of prayer. It’s a tremendous encouragement to look at the sheer number of young people participating. The circumstances & plans for the event depend on the school district. The young people are leading this event and making it happen, not well meaning adults!

So how can you or young people in your life get involved and make a difference where you are? Today’s young people need to know that they are loved and valued.

Faith in action