Discussions on how to best care for our environment have taken their place among our most polarized debates. But is there an approach that takes the scriptures seriously in promoting a policy of good stewardship?

Professor and author Cal Beisner joins the program to review the latest positions on climate change and offer a biblical perspective on the environment from his book, Where Garden Meets Wilderness: Evangelical Entry Into The Environmental Debate.

Highlight – Where Garden Meets Wilderness

Where Garden Meets Wilderness

Cal calls us to understand that when you begin to worship the creation instead of its Creator you become a fool, and exchange natural things instead for unnatural things.

“When you serve the creature instead of the Creator, all of our life gets messed up….” – Cal Beisner

He points to the clear admonition in Genesis to be good stewards of the earth that God’s given us.

An interesting perspective offered is to approach uncertainties in the debate with this question – is it lawful according to God’s moral law?

Cal notes that it’s entirely appropriate, and necessary really, to analyze the consequences of the money we invest in environmental projects. Where do we get the most benefit from our investments?

In his belief, the climate ‘alarmists’ have created the illusion that there is vast scientific consensus on these issues. Yet  good science is all about a healthy dose of skepticism.

He makes a provoking foray into the debate on genetically modified organisms present in our food supply – stating clearly that we simply would have to farm much more land than is available to us to feed our growing population. Thus we must aim for higher crop yields. Note is taken that we have been modifying and improving our agricultural efforts for hundreds of years.