You may have made a New Year’s resolution to write a will this year. What steps should we take to organize our earthly possessions? How can we steward them in a way that blesses God and ensures our family’s security? We offer help and insight into wills and estate planning with Guy Burgo, president of Planned Giving Ministries, and Kirby Stoll, VP of the Northwestern Foundation.  We’ll talk about using biblical principles to write a will and the key elements of estate planning, and why this part of our stewardship is so important.  Guy has worked for numerous families as a Christian giving consultant, and Kirby has served the community of Northwestern for several years. Listen as they touch on:

•  God’s command to Hezekiah to “Put your house in order” prior to his death

•  The importance of stewarding our resources, rather than owning them

•  How to prepare ourselves for the upcoming stage of life

•  How often to update/modify a will (at the birth of your children, upon retirement, and at the death of your spouse)

•  The importance of trusting God’s plan for your life, regardless of financial success or advancement

Estate planning


Image: Flickr