We’ve had a chance to settle into our fall schedules a bit, and now may be the time to evaluate how our routines are going — both physically and spiritually.

Is there one step we could take to impact both the health of our bodies and our spirits? Susan Gregory joins us to talk about the ancient practice of fasting for a deeper understanding of our faith.  Susan is a speaker, bible teacher, and the author of The Daniel Fast. Susan’s blog, which now has over one million hits, began out of a simple blog she penned that – in her words – ‘just kinda blew up!’. It has become a hub for recipes & devotional thoughts.We learn how to feed our souls, strengthen our spirits, and renew our bodies through fasting and prayer.

The Daniel fast originates from Daniel’s first chapter and traditional Jewish fasting principles. It’s a partial fast, lasting twenty one days, and is a healthy way to eat and be nourished. Susan makes clear that it is not simply another diet option.

“The Daniel Fast is a spiritual experience, eating vegan is a diet…The whole purpose of fasting is to draw closer to God”

There are times when you are so hungry, the only way you can be fed is to fast.

We talk about strategies to eating in a more healthy fashion – including taper off our consumption of sugary food & red meats. Susan recommends preparing menus and meals ahead of time to give yourself the very best chance for success. She also explains how your state of mind can set you up for success or failure. Even in the midst of a fast, there are times when celebrations come up and it would be appropriate to deviate from the nutritional plan for a moment.

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