The holidays represent a unique opportunity for Christians to share their faith with friends and family. For wisdom on a potentially intimidating opportunity, Jo welcomes Holly A. Melton, Cru’s National Campus Director for Field Ministries.

We explore Holly’s latest book titled  , and find out how to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and encounter conversations that have eternal impact – on this latest edition of Connecting Faith. Here’s some of the directions our conversation takes:

It’s very common for us as Christians to have real trepidation about sharing our faith – what if we don’t know enough? What if we say the wrong and drive someone away? Holly says there’s an important truth missing from the equation when we think like that. We have an all-powerful helper when we are in the midst of those conversation – The Holy Spirit!

“The Holy Spirit is the most forgotten part of the Trinity.”

He pursues people, and he convicts them. He’s the power behind the conversion experience, and that’s an enormously freeing realization.

In addition, the Holy Spirit also knows us better than we know ourselves. If we feel there is some inadequacy we possess that God’s unaware of, we’re wrong! God can grant us the wisdom we need to share our faith.

Evangelism is a word often used, but what is it at its heart?

God wants us to take the initiative and seize opportunities to share the good news of the gospel. Our willingness to step out of our comfort zone can play a key role.

“The gospel isn’t the gospel without Christ.”

Holly shares some remarkable stories of sharing her faith – including an experience on the beach where a young woman who believed she was a vampire came to Christ.

Highlight: 2 Great desires

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