Thousands of children are warehoused along the Mexican border hoping to get in to the United States.  What would or should a Christian response look like?  Daniel Carroll helps us think biblically about immigration and navigate this complex issue. He’s author of Christians At The Border: Immigration, The Church, & The Bible.  We also review what the bible can teach us about the sojourner.

Daniel believes there’s been a substantive shift in the way the church deals with this issue in the past decade.

Highlight – Christians at the border

“A lot of Christians are talking about immigration without having a biblical foundation.” – Daniel Carroll

We take a closer look into Romans 13.  How we should understand the law? And what would be the moral laws and virtues that we want our national law to reflect? Furthermore – what are the values with which we should enforce the laws we have?

Daniel says that American laws are currently dealing simply with the subject of entry into this country. At this time, those laws don’t speak to people after they’re in the country – unless they are being deported.

There are estimated to be from fifty to sixty thousand children at our southern border. Most of them are held up in indefinitely at detention centers waiting for somewhere to go.

Our guest further explains the scale of the issue:

“220 million people are migrating worldwide” – Daniel Carroll

We address the reasons for this level of movement, and Daniel notes that a desire for work is usually part of the equation. Knowing this then, what kind of work could we make available for immigrants?  And how can we incorporate them into our society?

So what is God’s concern for migrants? We take a look at what the Bible has to say including in the very first chapter of Genesis.

Having a constructive conversation is half the battle.  How can we get past labeling and ignorance.

Christians at the border