Once a month we welcome professors from University of Northwestern, Saint Paul into the studio and open the phone lines for your questions on the Bible, faith history and the church. This time, Jo welcomes back Professors Dr. Mark Muska and Dr. Brad Sickler to tackle your questions. We open our phones and our Bibles on Ask the Professor!

We get started with one of the biggest headlines of the day – the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. Could we be seeing some prophecies about the end times playing out in front of us?

“Nothing can stop the Gospel….” – Dr. Mark Muska

Highlight – What about the Middle East?

We tackle these additional questions from listening friends:

What do we make of the Bible’s references to fighting and strength and bravery of the “children of Ishmael”? Do those words apply to today?

What should we expect from our pastor as far as involvement in the community goes?

If a Christian strays from the faith and their heart hardens, is it possible to get a softer heart again after a re-commitment?

When is the appropriate time to leave our church? How do we know if we’re contributing to or helping to solve the problems with a potential exit?

In the story of Solomon building the temple, it’s referenced that King Solomon conscripted thirty thousand men from Israel to undertake the construction. How do we understand this? And how involved was Solomon in the actual project?

God has promised to remember our sins no more when He forgives us, so why do people say that we’ll someday have to account for every idle word if we’ve already been forgiven?

Ask the Professor