Each month we invite Bible professors from the University of Northwestern into the broadcast studio and throw open the phone & email lines for questions on the Bible, faith and the church.  This month on Ask the Professor, we welcome back our friends Professors Mark Muska and Brad Sickler to field your questions.   We invite you to open your bibles and we’ll open the phones and discuss your faith questions.

Highlight – Ask the Professor

Ask the Professor

Highlights from today’s show include some of your most compelling questions on these provoking topics:

• Understanding the different levels of Heaven. How do I grapple with the concept of special rewards for some people and not for others in Heaven?

• Finding the strength to forgive those who have wronged us – especially scenarios where someone has done something to offend us but doesn’t ask for forgiveness. What can we learn from biblical characters about the nature of true forgiveness?

• Will we be able to recognize our loved ones in our Heavenly Home?

• When disagreements come up in our church, how do I know when an issue or situation is important enough to leave the church?

• What do you we do when certain facts in the bible don’t seem to fit together? Can we trust the historical veracity of God’s Word?

• Why did Jesus say that we needed to ‘hate’ our life in John 12? What did He mean by it?

• Is there a difference between ‘plain language’ and ‘literal language’ in the Bible? How can we tell the two apart when we come across examples?

• How do we make sense of the differences between the New Testament and the Old Testament where it concerns the intersection of mercy and justice? What does it really mean that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament law?