Is there a way to argue for the existence of God without being bogged down in rational arguments? Dr. Bill Maier interviews James W. Sire, the author of the classic Christian worldview book The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalogue and his new book, Apologetics Beyond Reason: Why Seeing Really Is Believing.

Sire’s book The Universe Next Door is a simple introduction to worldviews, including “theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism and the new consciousness.” ( and the dangers that they pose to reason. Sire also discusses his autobiography Rim of the Sandhills, and some of his experiences of his life growing up in the sandhills of Nebraska.

He also discusses his newer book, Apologetics Beyond Reason, where he talks about the proof of the existence of God in the world around us. Is the argument that the existence of beauty in the world a legitimate reasoning for the existence of God? Are there other ways to deal with people who demand rational reasons for the existence of God? Could there be beauty in a world that was not made by an intelligent creator?

Dr. Bill also talks about the problem of bullying in schools. Do bullies bully because they have self-esteem issues? Who are the most vulnerable kids to bullying? What makes kids a good target for bullies? How do we deal with this problem in a Christian way? It’s a difficult problem, but not without solutions. It takes some initiative from the parents, but with work, it is possible to detect the problems and respond to the problems to help deal with the issues that are present.

The apologetics of beauty Highlight

The apologetics of beauty