Students are preparing to head off to college soon; many for the first time. While the focus of the next 4 years may be on completing a degree, and landing a good job, there is much more your student can get out of the college experience.

Derek Melleby, director of the College Transition Initiative for the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, encourages students to think beyond the degree, and take the “3D approach” to college.

Develop your Mind
Melleby points out that the Christian student is called to love the Lord with his heart, soul and mind. College is a great chance to spend time developing your mind, so that you can fulfill that calling more effectively. “We want to grow in wisdom”, Melleby says,” How can we go through college and come out the other side, not just with a degree, but as wiser people?”

Discover your gifts
“We aren’t a part of our story. We are a part of God’s story, and we have a role to play”. Melleby points out that college is a great time to think more deeply about the gifts we’ve been given.

“How can you develop your mind in a way that leads to wisdom, so that you can be used in God’s story?”

Discern your callings
Melleby argues that college is a calling to prepare us for further calling.

“When you come out the other side, you have more to be Christian with. Every major, every academic discipline, can equip us to be of better service to our neighbors.”

Highlight – Preparing teens for college

Preparing teens for college