Views on how to best care for the environment seem to widen with each new study.  So is there an approach that takes the Scriptures seriously in promoting a policy of good stewardship?

Professor and author Cal Beisner reviews the history of evangelicals and the environmental movement from his book  .

Highlight – Christians & the environment

Christians & the environment

3 Responses to "Christians and the environment"

  • Jerry Johnson says:

    I didn’t get to hear the full broadcast, but what I heard was so educational. Thanks for the interview. I’ve looked around a little on the web; does anyone know how I can order his book, Where Garden Meets Wilderness? I’d like to buy it.
    Thanks again for the enlightening Bible based interview.

    1. Grace Reif says:

      Hi Jerry, thanks for listening! You can order a copy of Cal’s book here:



  • Donna Balfanz says:

    Your guest, Calvin Beisner, had so many things to think on. Basically, as a Christian, my husband and I have not had the Biblical answers to give to a niece and nephew on global warming and environmentalism. We needed to know why most of the things they are trying to convince us of, are not what God’s Worldview are. We are older and not so bold to confront what they are saying. Now, we can get some resources, and wrap our brains around the true thinking on many of these issues. Thank you for having him speak. Yesterday Os Guinness left me in the dust also so need to dig into more of what he said. Thank you, thank you. Donna

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