He was a prodigal, living a lifestyle that many are trying to declare mainstream and normal. All the while his praying mother refused to give up.  Today Christopher Yuan has a vibrant Christian faith and encourages others with prodigal sons and daughters.  Hear Christopher’s story as we talk about his book 

I would say that was not just rock bottom but the real beginning of my journey. Yes, I found the Bible in the trash can, but God needed to break me even more. To open my heart and spirit and soften it… I began just focusing on reading through Scripture… As I read through… there are just so many times that it talked about idols… As I thought about my addictions, I realized that my addictions – that’s my idol. I had made that my idol. So I began looking at, ‘What are other idols in my life that have been keeping me in bondage?’

I realized that sex was an addiction for me. I realized that sexuality had become my main identity. As I read through Scripture, I realized I should never put my identity in my feelings, my passions, or my desires, but my identity needed to be in Jesus Christ.

There’s a passage that I read that really struck me… it’s when God said, ‘Be holy, for I am holy.’ I read that and I realized God didn’t say ‘Be heterosexual, for I am heterosexual’… I thought in order to please God I needed to be straight. But as I thought about it, even if God made me become straight, I would still struggle with sin. Sin is the problem, not so much my orientation. Which orientation can lead to sin, but it’s sin that is ultimately the problem.

Highlight – A gay son’s journey to God

A gay son’s journey to God