Listen in as Susie and Gary Hoag, the Generosity Monk, unpack the process of trusting God with our money.

Gary talks with Susie about the scarcity mentality that he thinks is prevalent in society today. We are afraid of running out of money so we hold money tightly.  In contrast, from a biblical perspective, we should be looking to God as the supplier of all things and trust that what he wants us to do is best.

Gary contrasts the economy of man with the economy of God.

“In the economy of man, what is  the answer to all our problems? Money. In the economy of God what’s the answer to all our problems? God. So you start saying to yourself, ‘If I have God, I have everything I need.'”

Instead of thinking that money is the answer to our society’s problems we need to see God as the real need of society.

They talk about how giving is an area of obedience in faith. God calls us to give. When we live in counter-cultural obedience to God he blesses us and allows us to be a blessing to others.  When people give financially they have the opportunity to both grow ministry and live in obedience.

At the same time, they discuss how suffering can happen even when people give generously. It’s difficult to understand in American theology, but suffering will still happen.

“One of the things that limits our generosity is fear.”

Still, fear can’t hold us down. When such fear comes to the surface we need to think about who provides and rest in the peace of God.

Susie and Gary talk about looking to Scripture, tithing, going without and more in the rest of their interview.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:19Deuteronomy 26:12Deuteronomy 14:27-292 Corinthians 9:10 

Trusting God with his resources