Pastor and author Mike Glenn  examines our perceptions of God in his new book, 

“For a lot of us, Christianity is about points.”

Instead of letting God define our identity and our mission in life we jump into active rule-keeping, determined to be good enough. We let the world’s standards define us instead of letting God’s standards define us.

What we need to do is live out of the confidence of our value. What God says about us, his definition of our value, is who we are.

The idea of a point system also perpetuates negative perceptions of Christians. When people think of Christians, they think of moral standards. Right now, Christianity’s main reputation is one of legalism and proper moral behavior.

People get angry with the church when the only thing the church is doing is telling them that they aren’t good enough. We’ve forgotten that the gospel doesn’t begin by alienating people and telling the they aren’t good enough.

That’s not what Christ did on the cross.

The church needs to step up and speak life and destiny into it’s members. This is something the early church understood but the church now has lost sight of that on the battlefield for their favorite moral standards.

Our worth is defined by what God did for us, now what we do for him. We need to learn that we don’t need to do anything to earn what has already been made ours. Families are important because they are the best people to help us recognize our value.

If someone doesn’t feel like they have value they should trace their lives and see who told them that. Did someone tell them that to bring them down?

Key Scriptures: Jeremiah 33:3Matthew 5:37

The gospel of yes