Some of the most effective tools and resources for sharing Christ with Muslims are produced by the Crescent Project. Founder Fouad Masri reviews methods for having faith conversations with our Muslim neighbors, friends and co-workers.

He first emphasized that evangelism to Muslims isn’t about compelling them to become Christians.

“Many times people think that the response depends on us. But, in reality, the response is between them and God. My job is to share the good news.”

Christ expects us to show love in the way we interact with unbelievers and share the good news.

One thing to recognize is that Muslims recognize the New Testament, known as “the Injeel,” but they don’t see the grace and love of Christ that is present there. Discussing the Injeel can be one way to build a bridge from Muslim beliefs to Christianity.

He thinks it’s important to build the conversation on a positive note and solid biblical understandings of faith, religion and salvation.

Once we start with this type of positive connection we can dig deeper into the more important issues. Hopefully this gradual process will lead to a point where the Muslim says, “Oh, I want to know more about Christ.”

The many current conflicts in the Muslim world also lead to genuine seeking.With technology, now Muslims across the world are able to see the chaos in many Islamic countries, particularly between Sunni and Shia. This conflict leaves many Muslims questioning their faith, and this is an opportunity for Christians.

“Many Muslims are seeking, but they don’t’ know where to go.”

In this critical time the Crescent Project seeks to provide tools and training so Christians can build bridges and have opportunities to share the gospel.

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